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Hi everyone, my name is Chad Price.  I am an Entrepreneur, Investment obsessed Father of three.  I have been investing since I was in the ninth grade when I purchased 3 shares (don’t laugh) of my very first stock.  This particular experience taught me that I needed to know more than the people giving advice.  See the whole story here “Why I became an Expert”. 


I double majored in Economics and Finance in college and you know what I realized when I became a broker the week after I graduated college?, I didn’t learn Sh#t about how to make money in the Stock Market.  When I graduated College I got a job as a Broker Trainee at the First Online Discount Brokerage firms in America.  If you've ever seen the movie Boiler Room, this place was its little Brother.  I didn’t realize it at the time but this place was shady.  The company actually would bring companies public that had no business or was just plain fraud and pay the broker's extra commissions to sell it to the public.  It took me awhile to realize what these guys were doing before myself and two other brokers realized this is not the way we want to do business. 

Side note, I realized that every time these “special” Commissions’ were offered and the firm’s clients purchased these stock, they always tanked.  So I saw an opportunity for my clients to make some money.  As soon as the announcement was made on the trading floor that we had a Stock with extra commissions, I would call all of my clients and we would short the stock.  Shorting is when you “bet” the stock will go down.  You sell a stock you do not own, you get the money and if and hopefully the stock goes down, you buy it back at a lower price and you keep the difference.  Let me tell you, my firm was pissed.  They had to keep those shares until my clients covered or bought back their shares.  Remember this place was unloading shit fraudulent companies and ripping people off and here is this 21 year old, first year broker screwing up their game.  I didn’t care, my job was to make my clients money and it was the cherry on top that I got to kick these A-holes in the teeth. 

As I said before, myself and two other brokers didn’t want to be involved with this kind of place and decided to raise $250k and start our own company.

So in September of 1997, we resigned and bought the rights to a new Trading software that bypassed brokerages and brokers and allowed individual investors to buy and sell directly to the NASDAQ and NYSE floor.  We were laughed at the day we walked out and were told “no one wants to buy stocks online, everyone needs a broker”.  We built a day trading business for the “little guy” to buy and sell and avoid the fat commissions the brokerage houses were charging and a trading floor to make trades for institutions to invest through.  We also got extremely lucky in the fact that the internet and internet stocks were about to explode into the greatest Bull Market in history.  Hey, what can I say, better lucky than smart.  However, what I had begun to learn and observe from market history kept me out of the huge drop and Bear market that followed.  I’ll teach you through my Blog and courses how you too can spot when the market is getting tired and caution should be heeded.  Y2K and the Internet Bubble finally burst.


In early 2002, my father got really sick and my wife and I decided we need to be closer to home, so I sold my share of the business and we moved back to PA.  I decided to take a year off and wait this market out.  I was exhausted; I worked my ass off for 5 years with literally no weekend off, let alone a vacation.  So in May of 2003, rested and ready, I decided to use some of the money from my investing and the sale of my business to invest in a Franchise of the First Written Financial Planning companies in the country and build another Investment business.  Here is another example of understanding what the General market was doing that lead to a new Bull Market.  Again, there are always signs when a Bull Market has started and new exciting companies are going higher.  I will show you how to watch the Market, what to look for and why certain stocks go up.

I started from scratch and built a financial planning business that catered to individuals saving for Retirement, College funds for their kids and Small Businesses retirement plans for their employees.

By the summer of 2008, I was burnt out.  I had to explain every little detail of every recommendation that I made because of all the new regulations being imposed on Wall Street.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of crooks out there that need watching but I couldn’t  manage my clients money the way it should while having to spend ½ my time filling out compliance forms, risk forms and answering a million questions on why I decided to recommend this or that. 

Side note, do you remember the Housing disaster that crushed the stock market and the economy?  Yeah in the summer of 2007 I started to move all my clients to cash and cash equivalents (money markets, short term bonds, etc.)  No I didn’t realize the housing market or the economy was about to collapse but I did learn a few things along the way that you can recognize when the market is not acting right and trouble is ahead.

So on Monday, September 15th I finalized the sale of my practice and have been investing on my own ever since.  Yes, that date should ring a bell, Monday September 15th was the day Lehman brothers went belly up.  I stayed on for 6 months to help with the transition and I still get Facebook messages from clients thanking me for helping them avoid this economic disaster, but good God was that a long day.


I have learned over the last 21 years how to make money, listen to what the market is telling me and what really works in the stock market.  My goal is to educate and teach anyone and everyone how to invest and what really works.  99% of the people and yes this includes most Professionals as well, do not know why stocks go up, our how to invest.  Too many people rely on opinions, false investments advice that somehow continually gets passed on as Gospel.  I have lived it, experienced it and use this knowledge to this day and you can too.  I will give you Case after Case, objective, undisputed knowledge that if followed will make you better than anyone else in the room.  You will no longer wonder why stocks go up and down or what a good long term fund looks like and what stocks to buy and when to sell.  Most importantly, I can teach you and educate you so you never have to listen to someone else when you make your investment decisions.


I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge and helping you to becoming the smartest investor in the room!



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