Advanced Stock Course

I aced my Active Investor Course and want to take my Wealth to the Next Level!


More Charts, more patterns and more EXAMPLES of Historical winners!

We'll study and analyse even more charts, study a few more historically proven patterns and review past winners so we can compare to our future Super Stocks.


Sectors, Industries and the Overall HEALTH of the Market.

We'll review how to use Sectors and Industries to find future winners and use this information to gauge how the markets are acting.  We'll also study how this is one of the most important ways to time the market.

Advanced Stock Course.jpg

How to PYRAMID your buys and hold onto a SUPER Stock!

We'll learn how to buy more shares of our winners and increase our potential profits.  In this Section we will also study how to hold onto the Super Stocks and take maximum profits.  FYI, this is the hardest part but the strategies we talk about increase your odds of holding on as long as possible without increasing your risk.


I'll open this course again when we have enough current graduates from the Active course.