Welcome to the Nerdery

Welcome to the Nerdery

Welcome to the Nerdery is THE place to invest more intelligently with as little effort as possible or if you are so inclined, to make a living from the Stock Market.  Over the past two decades, I have helped make decisions for individuals that found investing boring, too complicated or frankly were too busy to manage their money.  I have also advised Corporations and businesses to invest more wisely with as much or as little help as they needed.


One thing I am certain of is that we all have Jobs, careers or run our own businesses and have access to retirement plans at work.  You may have a 401(k), IRA or a 403(b).  These retirement accounts are THE foundation to building wealth and yet a lot of people just do not take advantage of them.

I’ve heard and met with many younger people that are just starting out in the work force tell me “I can’t even think about retirement now”.  I get it, College debt, new bills, rent, social life, dating, etc, etc.  I’ve also had conversations with older clients/students that told me they wished they would have started as soon as they graduated college.  Even if its $25 -$50/mo, it adds up in a hurry.  The key is to start investing as much or as little as you can each and every month and forget about it.

Lucky for you, I’ve seen every scenario on the spectrum and can help you achieve your goals from what I’ve learned from all types of clients and students over the years.

I don’t want to sound preachy or condescending here, however, this is what I know:  If you are young and just starting out in life you must absolutely start as soon as possible.  Before you know it, you will be getting married, buying cars,  saving for a house, thinking about vacations, having kids and before you know it, there’s no money left over to invest.  No money to invest means no financial freedom.  That’s unacceptable in my opinion.  One of my favorite quotes is “I wasn’t put here on Earth to pay bills and die”.

We live in a world where we are overworked, overstressed and desperately searching for the key to living a life we dream about.  There may be many ways to be Free and live the lifestyle you want but I promise you this, If you do not invest and create wealth sooner than later, you’ll be destined to repeat this vicious cycle that so many others are going through.  Live paycheck to paycheck, living in debt and full of stress that ultimately keeps you from fulfilling your true potential.  Remember, “I wasn’t put here on Earth to pay bills and Die”. 

Ok, so we all agree that our work place Retirement plans are the foundation for creating wealth, right?  If for some reason you have not participated in the past, get off your butt and sign up, like now!  Most employers will even match your contribution up to a certain percent.  Can you say Free money???  Every dollar you contribute is one less dollar you have to pay tax on now and that money when invested correctly will compound and grow and become the seed of a great Oak tree in the future.  Ok that was a bit corny but you get my point.  Pay less tax (always good) and grow your money without any real effort.

Wall Street, Advisors/Brokers make simple Retirement investing too complicated.  Forget all the fancy products and lingo, anyone and I mean anyone can create a fortune with a very simple strategy, autopilot investing and learning what to invest in and sit back and watch your money grow.  I’m telling you, it’s very simple.  Just for starters, Read my Free Investment Course and you’ll begin to see just how simple this is. 

My mission is to help everyone that visits this Blog and joins my community to be smarter and more prepared at a minimum, to retire at an early age.  If you are so inclined and want to take an active interest in investing and be more hands on, my hope for you is help make you financially free from the Pay check to Pay check lifestyle most live in today.

You may say to yourself, I’m not interested in researching Stocks and Mutual Funds and ETF’s but I want to Retire at an early age, I want to travel and spend time doing the things in life that my parents are not able to.  That's fine and most people fall into this category.  Learn the basics and invest wisely and put the plan on auto pilot.  Read my Free Investment Course .

A select few that put Retirement on Auto pilot also want to really make things happen sooner and want a more hands-on approach to investing not just for Retirement but really supplement their income or make a living from the Stock Market should start learning about the Super 7.  The 7 characteristics that every Super Stock has possessed in the past and lead to future Growth.  This course is not for everyone, however, if you have time each week to study, read and search for stocks with these 7 traits, you’ll improve your investment returns more than any financial planner, Broker or Advisor ever could.  Boom, gauntlet thrown down!! 

Until next week, sign up for your retirement plan, read the free email course and email me questions or topics you’d like to cover over the next couple months.

Welcome to the Nerdery,